Our Story

Fourth is King was founded by James William Byrnes IV. The artist behind it all,
J. started the brand as a project to feed his creative appetite. In 2010, his desire
to create something he could call his own manifested itself into an online store. The store provides comfortable gear with a refreshingly simple style. 
Comfort is critical. We use fabrics that exceed your expectations on comfort.
Confidence stems from your level of comfort… and we want you to be confident. 

Simplicity is style. Less is more. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
We create expressive style through bold color schemes and minimal design.

In the end, Fourth is King strives to inspire others out there. We want you to
know that our story can easily be ‘your story’… so pursue what you love.
Whatever that may be. We didn’t start out with connections to the industry.
We didn’t have excess money to sink into the idea. We had the support of
family & friends, and an artist who was restless in making something for us.